25$ a Day, Hosting review website
for Sale

“Invest and Earn. 100% secure transaction through Escrow”

I am not a Sales man so my Sales page may not be perfect, but my offer is definitely a “Must try”

In order to buy a site making $100 a month you have to pay at least $10,000. You know that, right? Well, not this time.

Here is an opportunity for you where you don’t need to spend 10 times of Monthly income of a website to get started.

Getting straight to the point:

You get $100 commission for every hosting account you sell & there are 1000s of Websites coming online every day. So why not take your piece of pie.

Commission first, payment later:

Here is the step by step process:

puce You will send the funds to Escrow.com


puce We will send you hosting account of your website.


puce Send us funds to setup advertising campaigns for your website
puce You will receive sales within 48 hours after your campaigns are started
puce Login to your account and verify the sales (commission).
puce Release the payment for Website.


Signup with Commission Junction
(if you don’t have an account already)


“Leave all the worries to us and enjoy profits every month”

RESULT based Work
  • Our advertising costs always vary from $40 to $70 per sale.

  • You will be delighted to know that you will pay $75 for every sale.

  • Sharing profit this way will help both parties earn residual monthly income.

  • It will cover maintenance costs of advertising campaigns and website.



Everything I have seen of yours is done so well.

L. Crowley

Thanks so much for all the great ideas – LOVE them!!!

C. Harris

Thanks a million! Take care

C. Fike


Now comes the “Price” of the Website


We usually Charge 4 times of monthly income of website but here


Only on Warrior Forum you got to pay just 999$ to get started!

And make $750 a month

*You can also take 1 hour training on Skype and keep all the profits by managing advertising campaigns yourself!




What is the website?
Visit http://hostingfam.com for a sample website

How much do I need to spend to make $750?
You will receive 1 sale per day in your CJ account on an average. Spending $75 and getting $25 Net profit. i.e 75x30 = $2,250

Is there an option of whole profit sharing?
Yes of course! If you are an adventurous kind of investor you can also share Net profit on 30-70 percentages. i.e we keep 30% of profit and you take 70%. Terms of this module vary*

How do you bring traffic?
We purchase traffic online and these are our main resources.

  • PPC (pay per click)
  • Buying Ad space
  • Email marketing
  • Secret

Any other questions are most welcome…